Delrey Beach, Florida

The Cornell Museum Exhibition Annual Exhibitions - 2014 - 2017

Located in the Old School Square, this historically significant complex hosts the annual ArtWalk. These exhibitions feature the work of regional and national artists and sculptors exhibiting contemporary cutting edge original work as part of the annual ArtWalk program.

Artist Raymond Gomez, recently relocated from New York City to Delray Beach, is among the artists presenting their work. Gomez is an architect, artist and sculptor whose artistic endeavors have paralleled his architectural projects on five continents. He depicts his views of contemporary life, recreated to convey a dynamic version of the subject. He paints in series as ideas come to him. His paintings and sculpture depict dynamic movement, turbulence and occasional wry humor.

Among his prior series, he has selected to present his Rubber Duck series, a group of paintings depicting a simple child's toy, personifying it and enhancing it to reflect humorous new personalities.

Other topical series presented include his Urban Chaos I and II series as well as Auto Racing and the Monuments series.

Rubber Duckies & Friends

Urban Legends, Long Island New York

The Huntington Libraries Exhibition Series - 2013 - 2015

As part of the exhibition of art in Public Buildings, the Long Island Huntington Library system selected Raymond Gomez to display over 30 pieces of the artist's work at its main Exhibition Gallery in Huntington. The series selected was the Urban Chaos II series.

In this work, Gomez experiments with mixed media of oils, acrylics, enamels and news print collage building forms to represent compositions that reflect the complex turmoil of urban existence.

Cityscapes are distorted and visual perspectives are compromised to illustrate the varied viewpoints of seeing and experiencing life's activities.

The overall compositions are visually tied together with a series of "drip painting" techniques which do not mix with the complexities of subject matter....but add a unifying layer to the compositions....not completely understood.

Urban Legengs

Southampton, Long Island, NY

The Family Counseling Services exhibition series - 2010 - 2013

Raymond Gomez's chaotic cityscapes prove that you can take the man out of Manhattan, but you can't take Manhattan out of the man. Gomez, one of the artists participating in the Artists Studio Tour, his self-described "Urban Chaos Series" at the Whisper's Gate Gallery on Long Island.

Gomez's series is the logical progression of a lifelong obsession with painting city views. A registered architect, Gomez spent 25 years at the helm of the Mideast offices of Edward Durell Stone in Cairo, Riyadh, Jeddah, Tehran, Kuwait, and Lima…. "In all my travels, I would go to the window of the hotel I was staying in and draw or paint, what I saw outside."

Nothing compared to what he saw from his downtown office window on Sept. 11, 2001. He was horrified but compelled. "I was three blocks from the World Trade Center," he said. "I remember running down the stairs to see what this was. I was about 600 feet from the base of the North Tower. I immediately knew this was a disaster. I knew the architect who designed the towers. I knew the structure of the building. And I knew it would implode and started running down West Street…

The South Tower fell first. Gomez left a temporary refuge at the Holocaust Museum site toward the Brooklyn Bridge as it was the only way out. "At the ramp on the bridge, the narrow streets turned black….the North Tower had fallen" he said

This experience has left an indelible mark in his work and the following Urban Chaos series, now in its third iteration...reflects the conflicting forces of the contemporary urban condition.

Urban Chaos Series

The Art Guild of Manhasset, New York

First Place Honors / The Best in Show Award - 2012

Raymond Gomez '64, an outstanding alumnus of Texas A&M's College of Architecture, received first-place honors from The Art Guild in Manhasset, New York for his painting "Night City."

Gomez' acrylic on metal piece was chosen as the best work among 60 entries in the guild's "Home Away From Home" exhibit, on display at the Manhasset Public Library.

Gomez, who earned undergraduate architecture and construction science degrees at Texas A&M, said he's drawn to express structural forms and movement in his work.

"My paintings express an illusion of motion, energy, speed and perhaps turbulence," he said on his website, which displays more of his work. "I enjoy distorting the urban context of buildings by painting an imaginary wind, pushing building forms, distorting the sky, bridge structures and generally reflecting an urban chaotic scene."

Outstanding alum wins contest sponsored by New York art guild