RAYMOND GOMEZ is an artist, sculptor and an architect. His art work has paralleled his architectural career of over 40 years with projects throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, China and the Americas. Gomez paints from his experience as an architect, expressing structural forms and context drawn from his architectural designs. His paintings reflect a range of subjects, differing techniques, primarily in acrylics and oils, and a range of collages and other mixed media. His sculpture includes work in steel, wood, plastic, brass, bronze and copper.

Gomez art montage

As an artist, I am drawn to express structural forms and movement in the composition of my work. I paint an illusion of motion, energy, speed and perhaps turbulence. My work is painted in a representative context, however I distort the realistic subject to reflect my vision of it.

I paint in series as the ideas come to me. My subjects in the Urban Chaos series may reflect the chaotic urban character of contemporary society. I enjoy distorting the context of buildings by painting an imaginary wind, pushing building forms, distorting the sky, bridge structures and generally reflecting a complex chaotic scene. The Urban Chaos series combines newsprint collage buildings, alongside painted buildings swaying in the wind. My sculpture also reflects structure and static movement…. like my weathervane of Manhattan..with buildings swaying in the wind.

I have relocated to Southern Florida, after many years of living in New York City. I look to a calmness evolving into my work. I now look to my new surroundings to suggest differing color palettes, natural site compositions and mixed media work. I look forward to experimenting in new visions of this environment.